Name: Ian Malcolm
Age: 45
Occupation: Finance & business management.
Country of Residence: UK
Kenya Experience Camp: March 2019 Training Focus Weeks
Running Times: Marathon Goal of sub 3 hours



Ian is a financial officer from the United Kingdom who, aside from running, enjoys trekking, gardening and social investment. He also enjoys travelling and despite already having travelled to Kenya in the past, he had never been to Iten – a place he was keen to tick off his list and experience for himself. Having read the book, “Running with the Kenyans” and heard about the famous running culture here in Iten he got in touch with us and booked his Kenya Experience trip on our first ever Training Focus Weeks camp in March 2019.

“I was not disappointed – in fact it far exceeded my expectations. Initially, I wanted to return from KE with my love for running re-invigorated – and it has certainly done that, but the experience also opened my eyes to greater possibilities in my own training and the ambitions for future achievements.”

For Ian, running is an essential part of his life, keeping him both mentally and physically healthy. While he is a ‘serious runner’ and wants to make continuous improvements in his training and racing a large part of the reason he runs is for enjoyment and fitness. While on the Kenya Experience camp he learned the importance of variation in a training program, specifically to stimulate the body but also to keep the mind from getting stale, this contributes to both the fun side of training but will also help lead to significant improvements too. This is a core principle that Ian has taken away from the running camp and will continue to incorporate in his training back home.



“I learned the importance of ‘progressive’ running (i.e. start slow, speed up) and also the need to push my threshold pace as being the key ingredient to run faster over long distance (the stamina base is assumed). Finally, I learned to be less obsessed with “mileage” and more focused on the quality content; on rest; and variation to stimulate the body (& mind). Coach Hugo was a great influence!”