January 2024 Kenya Experience Camp Recap

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“Now that it is over I look back and wonder if it was a dream or not”



Camp Info

Camp Type: Kenya Experience Camp
Dates: August 13th – 26th 2023
KE Staff: Willy Songok (Head of Guest Relations), Richard Mukche (Coach) Alex Kariankie (Photographer), Emmanual Kipruto (Lead Run Guide)
Location: Iten, Kenya
Accommodation: High Altitude Training Centre

Guest Info

Number of Guests: 10
Guests From: Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom, Romania
Age Range: 20 – 41


Guest Feedback & Reviews


5 stars: Excellent

Karibu ! 🇰🇪

Karibu! 🇰🇪
Being delayed one day due to endless flight’s I was very welcomed by team and by amazing expert’s staff & coaches.
On my next morning I was set up at 6:30am , and where my actual altitude training program has begun in one of the most inspirational running destinations on Earth 🌅 🇰🇪.
Every day and every run were different which meant to get a high quality specific training session at altitude. The sessions were challenging, but coaches were supportive and who also run alongside me 🏃🏽‍♀️💪🏼. I enjoyed my training as I have improved each day. I had fantastic run and hard work paid off 🙌🏼
The weather conditions were cool rather on sunny afternoons, were also well spent with seminars and with lots of activities including my favourite session of the drills and core.
Surrounded by guest speakers such as Evans Kiprotich, Abel Kirui, David Marus. Who were happy to share their experiences as a world-class athlete’s , and who shared some of the secrets to their successes. Learning about their current training routines&schedules and goals for the future 🤩.
Most importantly I made some wonderful new friends both from Kenya and from my training group 💛
I have visited local Iten St Patrick’s high school 🏫. Excellence in all endeavours, the school motto well represented with countless trophies, and David Rudisha planting a tree in the school grounds. It’s quite remarkable place.
I have visited local communities, where I learned more about Kenya history that has an extremely diverse cultural history of multiple tribes. It’s very distinct. I was absolutely honoured to play a small part in assisting Gathimba Edwards Foundation. Incredible work being done by GEF to support children&families was very humbling.
On my day off from running I set off to visit Lake Nakuru National Park, Safari 🦒🦏🦓. And honestly this was the best experience ever I had. Baboons, impalas, hyenas, hippo, gazellas, zebras, giraffes, bird watching and more 🤩

Thank you Coaches, pacers, wonderful staff at the HATC and amazing Richard&Willy for taking care of me by contributing to this great experience.
Asante Sana 🙏🏽👌🏼

Ilona – UK


5 stars: Excellent

An experience for all!

I’m almost certain you can’t find another place to train as unique as HATC! I had no idea I would be training around, let alone next to champions, they also make for a great source of motivation. Most of the town is filled with runners so you’re bound to learn and most certainly run better because of it! You won’t just learn from the trio, Coach Richard, Emanuel and Willy, wherever you go you’ll see and meet other runners, you’ll watch their training and pick up tips from them. Kenya Experience has shown me my limits but has also taught me how to break them, credit to the pacers for that!
The food is just what you need and theirs more than enough of it. The people in the camp are from all different backgrounds and running specialities so there’s no doubt you will meet some remarkable people. You couldn’t ask for more, not to mention they have a fully equipped gym, pool, physio and sauna. Till we meet again Iten!

Jack Pelling – UK

5 stars: Excellent

I was having serious debates with myself to review or not, this camp is already so amazing with more good reviews I might not catch a spot next time 🙈

I’ve tried out other training camps, unfortunately almost all of them are “infested” with fitness influences and it ruins the entire experience but that’s not the case with Kenya Experience everyone is there as the coach said it best “train hard, eat hard, sleep hard”.

It really doesn’t matter if you can run fast or not the pacers are there to help out and accommodate (I was dead last everyday😂). I haven’t felt for a minute that I’m with strangers or in a different country I’ve actually felt more at home and more closer to the people I’ve met there than those I already know, they really know what a warm welcome is all about, I’m so grateful for each and everyone of them coaches, pacers, cameraman, group members the most amazing people I’ve ever met.

The runs are challenging but you make them your level of challenging, showing up and doing your very best it’s the only requirement.

Now that is over I look back and wonder if that was a dream or not, to make sure it was real I’ll have to go back and do it again ❤️

One thing I’m sure of I wouldn’t have had so much fun if I wouldn’t have done it with Kenya Experience!

Thank you Kenya Experience, Running trips, Songok Willy, Richard, Emmanuel and every single member of staff who put all this thing together ❤️

Best wishes,

Carmina – Romania

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