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I am not a fast runner - can I still join the camp?

Absolutely, The Kenya Experience is a running camp for all levels of runners. Our camps typically include runners who are training seriously to break their PBs in their next races, as well as casual runners who simply want to experience the ambience and culture of Iten, and to enjoy running on the same trails and roads as some of the worlds greatest runners

Most runners who attend our camps are regular runners who want to run on a daily basis whilst they are in Iten. However we also happily welcome enthusiasts of the sport who do not want to train as regularly themselves, as well as coaches who are looking to increase their knowledge of Kenyan running and training methods.

What is the training program like during the camp?

The training program during The Kenya Experience camps is designed to give our guests an authentic taste of Kenyan style training. The program is of course adapted to the specific needs of each individual runner according to their experience and running level. However, in general our objective is to give our guests the opportunity to experience first hand the training methods of Kenyan runners. We also endeavour to educate guests on how they can adapt these training methods to suit their own situation and running levels in order to maintain their enjoyment of Kenyan running well beyond the camp itself.

The Kenya Experience coaching team will be on hand throughout the camp to discuss training methods and ideas with the group members and to answer any questions they have as well as to advise on the appropriate training level throughout the camp.

During the camp you will experience many different types of runs and training including long runs, fartlek, interval workouts and recovery runs. Outside of the running itself we will have coach led workshops and practical sessions on running form and technique, core stability & strength and stretching & flexibility.

I have a training program from my coach at home - can I still join the camp?

Yes, absolutely. We are more than happy to accommodate runners who have a training program of their own which they wish to follow whilst in Iten. Each runner is free to decide for themselves which of our organised runs they want to join in with and no training is compulsory. You are free to decide if you want to follow our coaches program completely, your own program, or to mix and match between the two.

Our coaching staff will be happy to advise you throughout the camp and to help facilitate your workouts even if you are following your own training program.

Can you outline a typical day on The Kenya Experience?

We have a wide and varied program of activities to keep you entertained throughout your time in Iten. This means that no two days are the same and this is part of the excitement of joining our camps.

Typically, each day will start with a guided training run with our local pace runners, then throughout each day we have a combination of activities including practical workshops, coaching seminars, Q&A’s with Kenyan athletes, visits to local training camps and more. Further details of these activities can be found on the Camp Activities page.

Most runners attending the training camp will want to run on a daily basis and our main run of the day usually takes place in the morning. On these runs we are accompanied by our local guide runners who will ensure that our guests have a wide variety of running routes to enjoy. There will be optional second runs each day and our coaching team can advise on you if these runs are appropriate for you or not.

I don’t want to attend a training camp where I do nothing but eat, sleep and run. Is The Kenya Experience for me?

The training itself is only one aspect of The Kenya Experience camps. Outside of the training we have a full program of activities to keep you busy, entertained and informed. As well as the running and other workouts we also provide an action packed itinerary of activities designed to fully immerse our guests in the culture of Iten and Kenyan running, as well as to educate them on training methods and how they can improve their own running performance beyond The Kenya Experience camp itself. On top of this we will also have ample time for rest and relaxation between workouts as well as free time to enjoy the facilities at the camp or to explore the local area independently.

Further information regarding the activities on the camp be seen on our Camp Activities page.

I’m travelling by myself an concerned about safety, is Iten safe?

Iten is a safe town and the local people are very welcoming to foreign visitors. The accommodation is situated directly next to the local police station and the camp also employs a 24 hour security guard from G4S as precaution.

In our experience Iten is very safe to visit and we have not had any negative security experiences in our time organising camps in Iten.

We will also have tour guides with you throughout the camp who will facilitate your enjoyment and safety. This can be of particular importance to those who may be travelling to East Africa for the first time.

Having tour guides with extensive local knowledge to welcome you from day one can ease any concerns you may have and help you to settle in to your new surroundings as quickly as possible.

We have had many single travellers join us from all over the world and we have not received any indication from previous guests that they did not feel safe at any time during their time with us.

Further and more specific security advice will be available from The Kenyan embassy website for your country of residence/nationality.

Do I need specific immunisations before travelling to Kenya?

There are no legal requirements to have vaccinations before entering Kenya unless you are coming from an area where there is a specific danger of contracting yellow fever. Please check the Kenyan Embassy website for your country of residence / nationality for more information.

There are other vaccinations you may wish to consider before travelling to Kenya and your health care provider can give you with further information on this.

Due to the high altitude in Iten Malaria is not usually an issue and as such anti malarial medications are usually not necessary. However, your travel clinic or health care provider will be able to give you the most up to date advice and information.

Any advice you receive from The Kenya Experience or its staff should not be considered to be official medical advice and we recommend that all guests consult with their health care provider before attending a training camp in Iten.

Can I stay for longer (or shorter) than the standard camp?

Yes this is entirely possible. Please email us for further information and prices.

What medical facilities are available?

Simple first aid can often be provided at the camp and there are qualified doctors in Iten and in Eldoret.  There well equipped hospitals in Eldoret if more serious issues arise whilst you are in Iten. 

Medical insurance is not provided by The Kenya Experience and all guests should ensure they are adequately insured before travelling to Kenya.

Terms & Conditions

To book your place please email us at info@traininkenya.com. Full terms and conditions will be sent with your deposit invoice.

A non-refundable deposit of £100 per person is required to secure your place. This must be made either by bank transfer or credit/debit card.

Your reservation is made once your booking information and deposit is received. Final payment is due no later than four weeks before your arrival date. If this payment is not received, then the booking may be treated as cancelled.

Cancellation fees after full payment are:

  • 4 weeks before the departure date: -50%
  • 3 weeks before the departure date: -75%
  • 2 weeks before departure date: -100%

If you have any questions or would like to see our full terms and conditions please email us at info@traininkenya.com.

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