“The Kenya Experience

blew away my expectations…

Truly a trip of a lifetime”



The Kenya Experience – Running Camps in Iten

Our running camps provide an inspirational location, expert coaching and a supportive group environment for runners of all levels.

With an emphasis on doing it ‘the Kenyan way’ the camps include guided runs, practical workshops and an exciting itinerary outside of the actual training. You will meet and learn from top Kenyan runners & coaches and interact with the local community in Iten under the guidance of our expert staff.

Join like minded runners from around the world for the running holiday of a lifetime.

Inspiring location

Endless dirt trails and views across the Great Rift Valley

Cultural Immersion

Unique insider access to the lives of Kenya’s great runners

Train with Kenyan Runners

Share the trails with medal winners and champions

Expert Coaching

Learn how to run The Kenyan Way from expert coaches

March 8th -23rd 2017


Adult Running Camp

Open to runners of all abilities

Venue: High Altitude Training Centre, Iten Kenya

Bookings open: Limited places still available

July 24th – August 6th 2017


Special Edition Running with the Kenyans camp

Featuring author Adharanand Finn plus additional guests

Open to runners of all abilities

Venue: High Altitude Training Centre, Iten Kenya

Fully Booked

August  13th – 26th 2017


Adult Running Camp

Open to runners of all abilities

Venue: High Altitude Training Centre, Iten Kenya

Bookings open

December 1st  – 14th 2017


Adult Running Camp

Open to runners of all abilities

Venue: High Altitude Training Centre, Iten Kenya

Bookings open

“It was what I imagined in so many ways but better… just a brilliant time and certainly the trip of a lifetime. For anyone who loves running, this is a must do trip.”



“The camp was well organized and delivered on everything I expected.  The Kenya Experience left me humbled and inspired by the Kenyan style of running. I would highly recommend it!”



Our Charity Partner

The Kenya Experience are proud to partner with Gathimba Edwards Foundation to ‘Give kids in Kenya a chance’. For every booking made we make a donation to GEF to support their projects in Kenya.

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Two weeks too long?

We’ve partnered with Airbnb to create a unique four day experience in Iten.
We also featured in the launch commercial as one of the founding partners of Airbnb Experiences.

As featured in:

“I was also amazed how many of the world’s top athletes we actually able to meet and train with!  I want to come back!”



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Please email us with any questions or to book your place.


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The Kenya Experience

We offer holidays and training camps for running enthusiasts and athletes in Iten Kenya 'The Home of Champions' Iten is the hub of Kenyan running and home to many of the stars you see winning major races and representing the Kenyan National Team. We provide runners from all over the world the opportunity to visit Iten, meet and train with the runners, learn from the star athletes and their coaches and engage with the local community. All whilst enjoying personalised professional coaching in an inspirational location. We offer year round training and holiday opportunities in Iten and offer camps which are open to all as well as private groups. We run open camps throughout the year which all are welcome to join, either as individuals, couples or small groups. We also organise camps for Schools, Running Clubs and other groups. For more information please visit our website www.traininkenya.com or email info@traininkenya.com
The Kenya Experience
The Kenya ExperienceSunday, February 26th, 2017 at 4:12am
Ahead of tomorrows Tokyo Marathon where Wilson Kipsang has thrown down a world record prediction, take a look at the blog we wrote on his training and approach after the Berlin Marathon in September 2016.

We spoke then about Wilson's simple and unscientific approach to running. Since then Wilson has been taken onboard by the Sub2 Team who are also working with Kenenisa Bekele and Zane Robertson.

We wonder how Wilson's training and preparation have changed now that he is part of a highly scientific project with the goal of (eventually) a sub 2hour marathon.

We have already seen a sneak peak from Adidas that Wilson will be trialling a new shoe - I wonder what else the team have up their sleeve and how it will play out for Wilson in Tokyo tomorrow morning.


By the way - If you have seen the material in this blog elsewhere online please be aware that this is the original source of the material. Our blog is put out for free for all runners and fans to enjoy and to help promote the Kenyan runners we talk about. It's re-use and sale as an e-book is entirely unauthorised.
The Kenya Experience
The Kenya ExperienceFriday, February 24th, 2017 at 8:31am
NEW BLOG: http://www.traininkenya.com/2017/02/23/gun-runners-movie/

Our latest blog looks at an issue raised within the excellent film Gun Runners by Anjali Derryn which is now available on Netflix.

The conversation regarding finance and Kenyan runners usually focuses on the upside- the great wealth a runner can accumulate and the difference it can make to entire communities.

Here we take a look at the far more common scenario of runners who do not make any money from the sport and the pressure this applies to them and their families.

One particular scene in the film really struck a chord with us and we wanted to discuss it in more detail in our blog.

The scene in question sees one of the featured runners trying to explain to his family that despite having not yet made any money from the sport the continued sacrifice is worth it. His family deplore his continued actions and urge him to return to the family home to help look after their elderly mother. Thankfully for the runner in question his sacrifice did eventually pay off but for so many more it never does.

We also include an amusing anecdote from famed coach Renato Canova who declares "2hours and 7minutes is now good enough only for a T-Shirt" in reference to the current standard of world marathon running.

Have a read and tell us what you think