Enock Kirop – Photographer & Assistant Guide

“I am a passionate film and photography enthusiast. I want to promote social development in Iten through my work and provide Kenya Experience guests with a photographic memory of an experience of a lifetime.”

“I was born and raised in Iten Kenya. Working with The Kenya Experience has been part of my life’s journey to make friends and develop my skills/ I am happy to share my knowledge and my experience of growing up in this area and help our guests to understand our cultures, customs and way of life” 

“Enock was so sweet. Thank you for the fantastic photos which I can’t stop looking at now I’m back home”

Annabel, 2017

“The crew of Kenya Experience: Willy, Collins, Enock, Hugo & all pacers made sure there was nothing to worry and we could just RUN”

Marije, August 2019

Enock is our man behind the lens. He is a talented photographer and skilled videographer. The photos you see on our social media pages and camp write ups are Enock’s great work. 

As well as being on hand to capture great images of your time in Iten, Enock works hard behind the scenes assisting Willy Songok with any  tasks that need doing to ensure the camp keeps running smoothly. 

Enock is with us throughout the camp and will provide you with all his photos in digital form at the end of the camp.

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