July 2023 Kenya Experience Camp – Recap

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“Willy Songok is the heart and soul of the Kenya Experience, always striving to make it the most unforgettable journey you will ever have.”



Camp Info

Camp Type: Kenya Experience Camp
Dates: July 23rd – August 5th
KE Staff: Willy Songok (Head of Guest Relations), Richard Mukche (Head Coach), Emmanuel Kipruto (Lead Run Guide)
Location: Iten, Kenya
Accommodation: High Altitude Training Centre

Guest Info

Number of Guests: 7
Guests From: America, Greece, South Africa, United Kingdom
Age Range: 15 – 54

Guest Feedback & Reviews


5 stars: Excellent

“The Kenya Experience” met my expectations

“The Kenya Experience” lives up to its name by offering an amazing and well-organized opportunity for individuals who want to immerse themselves in Kenyan culture, lifestyle, and training in this enchanting location. Willy Songok is the heart and soul of the Kenya Experience, always striving to make it the most unforgettable journey you will ever have.

Coach Richard is readily available to assist, explain, and guide, while the incredible pacers group helps participants understand the Kenyan approach to running and provides support throughout each run. Additionally, we had the privilege of interacting with numerous elite Kenyan athletes and coaches.

It’s important to note that this program is not solely a training camp, but rather an introductory experience to Iten and the Kenyan training methods. Nonetheless, it is an absolutely worthwhile experience that is bound to leave you yearning to return to Iten as soon as possible.

I extend my gratitude to the “Kenya Experience” for creating such lasting memories and emotions!



5 stars: Excellent

“The Kenya Experience”
 is for everybody!

I joined the camp with my high school son who loves running and who is a huge fan of Eliude Kipchoge!

The reviewer Christos did an excellent job highlighting “The Kenya Experience”. I like to add that the camp is not only for serious runners but open for runners at all levels. I am a recreational runner in mid-50’s and I received the same amount of attention and coaching (as well as a pacer) as the other athletes.

Willy Songok will ensure everyone has a wonderful experience. Coach Richard will observe and listen and tailor the training for each individual.

From the initial contact with Callum Jones to the last day at the camp, I experienced professionalism, guidance, support, and care. My son and I are already planning a return trip!

SJ Wong

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