Camp Recap – March 2019 Training Focus Weeks

Mar 12, 2019 | Camp Recap

“Kenya Experience was life changing”

Camp Info

Camp Type: Training Focus Weeks
Dates: March 17th – 30th
KE Staff: Willy Songok (Head of Guest Relations), Hugo van den Broek (Head Coach), Collins Kibet (Coach), Enock Kirop (Guest Relations & Photographer) + Run Guides
Location: Iten, Kenya
Accommodation: High Altitude Training Centre

Guest Info

Number of Guests: 10
Guests From: Denmark, Germany, India, Ireland, Singapore, Slovakia, UK 
Age Range: 29 – 57

Camp Summary

March 2019 saw our first ever Kenya Experience ‘Training Focus Weeks’ camp and were delighted to host 10 highly motivated runners from across the world for 2 or 3 weeks of high quality training with our expert team.

Our Training Focus Weeks were developed due to popular demand for runners of all levels who want to spend time in Iten becoming better runners under the guidance of experts. We stripped back the ‘experience’ side from our original camps to create more time and opportunity to focus on quality training. That means fewer trips, visits and scheduled activities for cultural and community immersion and more time to focus on coach led training sessions and quality resting between hard workouts. Perfect for those who are looking for a group training environment supported by professional coaches and staff, and those who have been on a previous KE camp and want to return to Iten for some great training.

Training highlights of this camp included a ‘Track Tuesday’ workout at a busy and bustling Tambach track where we saw some world class Kenyan athletes training on the red dirt surface; Drills and technique sessions at the HATC Athletics Track with our coaching team and of course getting involved with the famous Iten Fartlek.

Although the focus is on training, coaching and quality recovery, we still ensure we offer opportunities to interact with the local runners and this is a part of the inspiration you gain from a Kenya Experience camp. On this occasion we took our guests to meet Sylvia Kibet in her family home. Sylvia is a World, Olympic, All African and Commonwealth medallist and it was incredible to hear all about her experiences as an international athlete including what it was like to grow up and train in one of the world’s most renowned ‘running hubs’.

As a Training Focus Weeks camp we also brought in outside expertise to work with our group in the form of NN Running Team physio, Marc Roig. Marc is a Spanish physiotherapist who lives and works full time in Kenya with the NN Running Team and is also an elite runner himself.  Marc presented a fantastic seminar on training and injury management and prevention techniques as well as his experiences working with some of Kenya’s top talents. Mark also introduced us to one of the NN Running Team athletes, Alex Kibarus, who visited Marc for some taping and treatment on a small injury. This gave us truly unique opportunity to see a first hand demonstration of one of the worlds top physiotherapists for athletes working hands on with a world class athlete. 

Following Marc’s presentation we headed outside to for a practical demonstration of some of the exercises Marc uses to help keep Kenya’s best healthy during hard training. Having a go ourselves whilst Marc was on hand to correct our technique and offer further advice was an invaluable way to ensure that the lessons from the session were ingrained for the long term. 

Guest Feedback & Reviews


Video From the Camp

Guest Feedback

Form Reviews

“I might go as far as to say the Kenya Experience was “life changing”. The staff (Songok, Collins, Hugo and Enoch) are all amazing and the Training Focus Week has been brilliant in terms of great focus on the running, but still with ample opportunity to gain insight in to Kenyan culture. I can not say enough positive things about the whole trip, from beginning to end. Incidentally, I also found the booking process very pleasant and personalised”

– Ian Malcolm (KE feedback form – March 2019)

“The Kenya Experience was extremely joyful! Very nice people, especially the KE hosts, Songok as our guest relation manager (he is my hero), as well as the coaches, Hugo and Collins, made the 2 weeks of our 10 members party an outstanding special and fruitful experience. Thank you to the complete KE team, the pacers (Emanuel, Peter, Caroline, David, et al)”
“Very valueable exchanges with the coaching team: Hugo with his vast experience, scientific and practical background and calmness bridging the cultural differences but also Marc Roig as the physio”

– Gerhard Wegmann (KE feedback form – March 2019)



“Life changing. Aside from the training itself, learning about Kenyan culture, “the Kenyan Way” and also from other athletes around the camp makes this trip so much more than simply a running experience.”

– Leigh Ferris (KE feedback form – March 2019)



“I signed up for the Kenya Experence so I could train in a different environment and get a fresh view on marathon training from the coaches. I got that and so much more. Having top athletes pacing on the runs, and teaching on the way was invaluable. Seeing the work rate and attitude to training, is mind blowing. Learning about the history and lifestyle of Kenyan runners, is inspirational. It has renewed my focus to aim high, and use the knowledge gained.”

– Stephen Plummer (KE feedback form – March 2019)




5 stars: Excellent

A truly memorable & impactful experience

If you are interested in running, then any level below professional/elite will benefit from this amazing experience. The whole atmosphere of being at the High Altitude Camp, surrounded by world-class athletes, plus the global running Mecca of Iten on your doorstep is a truly unique and unforgettable experience. The guys at Kenya Experience are amazingly supportive and informative, right from the pre-booking stage through to the camp experience. The coaches are great and the pacemakers brilliant. I have been running for 20 years, in all continents, but the KE is the greatest thing I have done. I wish I’d found it 15 years ago! Just do it, you wont regret it and it will probably change your perspective (for the better) on many things, not just running.

5 stars: Excellent

The Kenya Experience – This is where you learn about running

“I would wholeheartedly recommend The Kenya Experience. Since returning to the UK I have done just that to loads of my running friends.

The Kenya Experience is just what it says on the tin. You train, live, eat and sleep the Kenyan way. If you are looking for luxury, this isn’t it. If you are looking for good training, being focused and learning from the best you are in the right place. It doesn’t matter what level of runner you are, you are a guest who has come to train and learn. Everyone is given the same experience. They put on pacers who run with you. No matter what pace you want to run at, they are there to help you.

I found the altitude and the trails hard in the first week, so I eased myself into it. The second week it was starting to feel easier, and I found I could push harder.

Since returning to the UK I have run my fastest 5km for a long time, and the following day doing a 1 hour race I ran 1/2 mile further than I did in the same race last year. Whether that is the result of the altitude, the hard training on the trails, learning the Kenyan attitude to hard work, gaining more confidence in myself from working with the coaches and pacemakers, or a combination of all of that I don’t know. All I can say is the whole experience has given me a renewed focus and drive, and a new way to approach training which I know will bring results.”

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