School Groups

The Kenya Experience is perfect for your schools running camp and tour.

We provide a safe, fun environment for your schools team to train, as well as to learn from and interact with world class runners and the local community in Iten. 

We have previously hosted schools from the UK, New Zealand and Australia and we welcome to the opportunity to discuss your schools requirements with you.

School camps typically follow a similar pattern and itinerary to our standard adult camps.  However the training and coaching is always tailored to the needs of younger runners.  In addition to the standard camp itinerary we are also able to provide additional activities for school groups and/or to tailor the program to your needs. During previous camps we have arranged races and competitions against local schools and arranged guests visits and Q&A’s with Kenyan Junior National Team members.

Camp dates are flexible and we can adapt the length of the camps to suit your requirements.

School Group Testimonials

Scotch College (a boys’ school in Melbourne, Australia) were privileged to travel to Kenya in the middle of 2012 to experience local Kenyan culture and participate in training sessions in a high altitude environment. We stayed at the High Altitude Training Centre (HATC) in Iten with 12 students ranging in age from 12-17 years, and also ranging in their athletic ability.  The boys and staff had the honour of mingling with high profile international athletes as they worked through their own personalised training programs. The staff were friendly and most accommodating and we were very well looked after, whether it be tips about training methods or simply local attractions to experience.

The centre itself was a terrific place to train with a well-equipped gym for cross training and swimming pool for recovery sessions. Specialist staff also ran very informative sessions for our group on topics such as training, injury prevention as well as some interactive yoga classes. The tracks that cover the surrounding region were perfect for running and our personal guide from the centre knew which ones were the best as well as what level of running intensity was suitable for our athletes. The food at the HATC was exceptional and our travelling group of teenaged boys certainly did not go hungry with a wide variety of food on offer at each meal time.

Overall, we had a wonderful two weeks in this breathtaking location on the brink of the Rift Valley and the school intends to return every two years to train!

Michael Jones

Scotch staff member and Middle Distance Coach

We have had the most amazing trip. What an experience …. as you can see from the feedback. The boys were really stunned by the experience. They have never been so motivated.

Thank you so much for putting things together. It truly was a once in a lifetime experience for our boys.

Theuns Strydom

Teacher and Coach Westlake School New Zealand

Travailing to Kenya I was a bit nervous about the whole new experience living in a different culture. Upon arrival at Lornah’s training camp though, I soon realised that I had been given an opportunity of a life time to sleep, eat and train with some of the best middle/long distance runners in the world. Not only was the training camp a great place to relax, eat and sleep but it was also a place where I could meet aspiring champions and make what has been, long lasting friendships. The staff at the centre were also very helpful, from the intense training programs they designed for us to the stimulating conversations about Kenya’s rich history and how the country is being shaped in our era. The whole experience was mind blowing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone with an interest in running and culture. My time at the centre was a real eye opener and will be definitely looking to go back in the near future

Damian Di Donato

Senior student at Scotch College

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