Use of Stretching for Distance Runners

This blog talks about the use of stretching for distance runners. One of the questions I get asked very often is: What is the use of stretching? Or put in another way: Do you believe stretching is good for runners? It’s not easy to give a very short answer to that,...

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Hill Sprints for Distance Runners

This blog discusses the use of Hill Sprints in training for distance runners. Hill Sprints were first introduced to me when I was coaching Kenyan runners with Renato Canova. Our group included Florence Kiplagat (2xWorld Half Marathon Champion and former World Record...

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Downhill Running Tips

This is a short blog on how to improve your downhill running technique and how to utilise the downhill sections of a race to your advantage. One aspect of your running which can quite readily be quickly and vastly improved is downhill running. I was often left...

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The importance of rest and recovery for runners (Part 2)

This blog focuses on recovery for runners. This is part two of a two part series on adaptation to training and recovery for distance runners. You can find part one here. As a follow up to my blog on the adaptation process, I now want to look at 3 distinct periods of...

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The importance of rest and recovery for runners (Part 1)

This blog focuses on the importance of rest and recovery for endurance runners Whether you are new to running or you have thousands of miles under your belt, getting everything right in training is a real challenge. Developing a program which works for you, fits your...

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Top tips for new runners to improve

This blog gives 10 detailed tips to help newer runners who want to improve  Consider what your goals are: This is an important place to start for runners of any ability. Whether your long term goal is to complete a 5km or run a PB time in the marathon, setting...

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The Art of Relaxed Running

This blog talks about the importance of staying relaxed during endurance running I’ve been fortunate to have trained with various groups of elite runners in Iten Kenya and the surrounding areas all made famous for their high altitude training camps. I noticed several...

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Coaches Blog – Mental Preparation for Distance Runners

This blog talks about the importance of visualisation and mental preparation for distance runners.  An important part of race preparation is mental training. In the week leading into a competition, try to think consciously about the race once per day. Find a quiet...

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Diet of Kenyan Runners

This article will look at the diet of Kenyan runners. In 2016, 427 Kenyan runners achieved the Olympic qualifying criteria for the marathon. For years, athletes from across the globe have asked “why are the Kenyans so good?” Many have made the journey to Iten, Kenya’s...

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