Junk Mileage and Junk Quality

In his latest coaching blog, Kenya Experience Head Coach Hugo van den Broek discusses the age old adage of quality versus quantity. Is one better than the other and how do you determine this? He goes on to ask if there such a thing as ‘Junk Mileage’ and introduces the...

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A Guide to Post-Race Nutrition

This is the third part of a three part series on race day nutrition. Parts one and two looked at pre-race and mid-race nutrition respectively. In this blog I will discuss nutrition strategies for optimal recovery after your race. Race day is a big day for us runners,...

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Coach Blog: Part 2 Polarised Training (The 80/20 Method)

This blog discusses the use of ‘Polarised Training’ in distance running training and is part 2 of a 2 part series. In my previous blog, I wrote about polarised training, or the so called “80-20 method”. If you need a reminder of what polarised training refers to,...

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My Kenya Experience – By KE Guest Susan Loken

In February 2019 15 guests from across the world joined The Kenya Experience team in Iten Kenya for the running camp of a lifetime. One of those guests was Susan Loken, a coach and runner from Phoenix, Arizona. On her return home Susan wrote a fantastic blog post...

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Coach Blog: Polarised Training (The 80/20 Method)

This blog discusses the use of ‘Polarised Training’ in distance running training. Many of you have probably heard of polarised training. Or the 80/20 method. This idea was popularised among runners by Matt Fitzgerald in 2014 in a book titled “80/20 running”. For those...

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The Kenya Experience December 2018 Write Up

The Kenya Experience: December 2018 Camp Summary The Kenya Experience Running Camp December 2018 saw 22 guests from all over the world  descend on the small rural village of Iten Kenya for two weeks of fun and hard training. With runners from as far afield as Canada,...

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Why should distance runners lift weights?

This blog discusses the use of weight training for distance runners. As a coach of an endurance sport, there are some questions I am often asked on the topic of weight training. Should distance runners lift weights at all? It does not look like something specific to...

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A Guide to Mid-Race Nutrition

This blog discusses marathon and road race fuelling strategies In this second part of a three part series on race day nutrition we look at consumption of carbohydrates during a race. Discussing whether or not you should take on fuel during your race and how best to do...

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A Guide to Pre-Race Nutrition

This blog discusses pre-race nutrition for distance runners for improved running performance In a three part series, Callum looks at the art and science behind race day fuelling. Across the coming series we will look at fuelling strategies for pre-race, mid race and...

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