Coaches Blog – Mental Preparation for Distance Runners

This blog talks about the importance of visualisation and mental preparation for distance runners.  An important part of race preparation is mental training. In the week leading into a competition, try to think consciously about the race once per day. Find a quiet...

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Diet of Kenyan Runners

This article will look at the diet of Kenyan runners. In 2016, 427 Kenyan runners achieved the Olympic qualifying criteria for the marathon. For years, athletes from across the globe have asked “why are the Kenyans so good?” Many have made the journey to Iten, Kenya’s...

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The Cool Down for Runners: What’s the Deal?

[Train the Kenyan Way Blog Series] Cool Downs In a recent 2 part blog series Callum and I investigated the oft misunderstood theory and practical implications of ‘recovery running’ for distance runners. We investigated what they are, why they are used, what the...

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The Running Jigsaw – Do all your pieces fit together?

‘The Running Jigsaw’ Q: What is a jigsaw? A: According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a jigsaw is a puzzle consisting of a picture printed on cardboard or wood and cut into various pieces of different shapes that have to be fitted together. Q: What has this got to...

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Coaches Blog – Lactate Threshold Training for 5km Races

Q: Why is it important to train at the lactic threshold, if you want to improve your 5K time? A: The shortest possible answer is: Many coaches and athletes (including myself, as an athlete and as a coach) have found out that it works for almost everyone. Improving the...

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Run the Kenyan way: Fartlek Part 2 – Example Sessions

[Train the Kenyan Way Blog Series] If you read our previous article on this topic (find it here if not) you’ll know that fartlek sessions can make a great addition to your training program and if done correctly can lead to real improvements in your running. But...

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Introducing Myself: Hugo van den Broek (Head Coach)

As the new head coach of Kenya Experience, I think I should introduce myself a bit. I was born in 1976 in the Netherlands and grew up in a village nearby the sea, where I started running at the age of 13. Once in a few weeks I would jump on my bike and cycle to a...

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Coaching Announcement: New Head Coach + New Assistant Coach

The Kenya Experience Coaching Announcement Head Coach Hugo van den Broek + Assistant Coach Collins Kibet The Kenya Experience are delighted to announce that Hugo van den Broek will join our team as Head Coach with immediate effect. Hugo will work across all our...

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Run the Kenyan way: Fartlek

[Train the Kenyan Way Blog Series] Fartlek Running: Most runners, from elite athletes to casual joggers have heard of fartlek running in some sense. If you haven’t done any fartlek training before you’ve probably heard it mentioned by training partners or coaches and...

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